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Your Journey begins here!

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience where passion meets expertise. Advance your musical voyage with our innovative curriculum. Join us and discover the excellence of music.

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Our Music Class

A world of musical possibilities with our diverse selection of instruments.


Strum your way to musical mastery with our guitar classes! Our classes cater to all levels.


Unleash your musical potential with our piano classes! Dive into the enchanting world of the piano


Offering a fun and engaging journey through the enchanting sounds of this versatile instrument


Discover the power of your voice with our
comprehensive vocal training program!

Why Choose Us

We empower you to become the musician you have always envisioned

Free Equipment

We offer a range of premium instruments,
ensuring you have the tools to create music without limitations

High Tech

Step into our high-tech environment where we deliver top-tier services tailored to your musical journey

Music Studio

Our studio is a creative haven, where your
talents blossom, Inspiration thrives in every corner of our studio.

Expert Teachers

Our experts bring passion, experience, and
personalized guidance to every lesson

Our Program

Grade Programs

Uncover your unique rhythm and melody in your journey through a curriculum designed to enhance your musical prowess.
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Enhancing Your Musical Talent

Embark on a magical musical experience to elevate your passion for music. Our specially crafted classes are tailored just for you, designed to amplify your inner musician.
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Discover what our students have to say

Hands down the BEST music class in town! The instructor has a super unique approach in teaching music compared to the typical conservative methods! This makes the learning process so much more enjoyable and I always look forward to my next class! His studio has a really nice and cozy ambience - you actually feel like you’re in a music studio! The class has a super relaxed environment and everyone is super friendly! Lots of good jokes and happy people - you don’t even feel the one hour pass by. Instructor is very talented , knowledgeable , attentive and patient. He’s always there to help you out! He even helps you out of class hours - I have called him multiple times to ask for help while practicing at home, and he’s always jumped right in and helped me out. He genuinely cares about his students from the bottom of his heart and wants everyone to get the best out of his lessons. Seriously the BEST class ever! Cheers to SLW institute of music for many more years of success!

Dulari Hewakuruppu

SLW institute is the best institute in town! and I must say it was an amazing experience. The instructor is kind and helpful making the learning process much more enjoyable .Unlike traditional learning ,the class has a unique way of teaching and designed to have fun while learning. The instructor was always there for me which made me feel supported and encouraged. And the environment was top-notch, providing the perfect atmosphere for learning and having fun. Overall I would highly recommend this class for someone looking for a fun and engaging class for them to live their music dream!

Sethini Fernando

It's not very long since I joined SLW Institute of Music, and I'm already enjoying BIG time. Instructor has a unique way of teaching which is VERY entertaining that you hardly feel that you are there to study(which is usually boring) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Hasali Rajakaruna

He is a very humble, intelligent and friendly teacher. Learn music under him. best place to learn music.

Anuruddha Madushanka Perera

If you want to learn to play an instrument.. Best place to go... Personalised teaching.. And crazy good teaching methods.. If ur like me and waited till now to start.. Trust me this is the place to go to.. Which ever age group u fall under.. Learning an instrument is not only for kids 🙂 call this guys NOOOOWWWWW!

Kanishka Peiris

Shen is a very patient music tutor and it had been wonderful to watch my son enjoy playing the piano.

Ben Hope

This is the only class my son getting ready to come so early..no doubt..he is a good sir who understand children

Shalika Abeykoon

Well done SLW Institute of Music. This is an amazing platform for the young students to show their skills and talents to the world. This is truly a good concept, all the best you guys. Superb videos, and the children seem to be fast learning and talented students. Good luck!

Dasuni Attapattu

All the best to the very enthusiastic teacher and his students! Well done.

Shivanthi Rajapakse

To Learn Music with a Pinch of
Love & Excitement.

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